Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter fun

This past weekend was Easter and we were busy! I had the kids decorating eggs one night. I had found these egg holders in Target and knowing that it's hard to hold onto eggs when you are a little one, I thought they would be perfect!  So I bought 2... They had a blast painting them and then when I pulled out the Faber Castell Pitt pens, well, it turned into a Zendoodle party!

I also found this cute stamp set~ it was adorable but didn't work as well as I would have liked.  Maybe foam stamps would have been better.  Too hard for Christopher to use. He did like to paint with the "inks" though.  Here he is drawing over the painted egg.

Here are our finished eggs... one was dropped and cracked.  Good thing I hard boiled them first!!!
I love these little masterpieces and it's going to kill me to throw them out soon.   Fun night for all!
On Easter morning we had a little scavenger hunt that the "Easter Bunny" set up the night before.  Late that night might I add... So, due to that fact, the last clue was totally screwed up!  We could NOT find it!  SO, I had to pull out the baskets and ruin it all or it would have lasted all day.  Oh well.  They had fun and I better double check the clues next year before I hide them (and write down where I hid them!).

Okay, I promised to give away a fun basket of Nikki Sivils goodies! Here is my winner (randomly picked):

Katie said...
Wow! What gorgeous stuff! You just HAVE to get picked! My favorite thing about spring? Definitely sidewalk chalk! There is nothing like playing with your kids and drawing on the concrete!

Katie, email me your address and name and I'll get that little basket of goodies out for you!!!  I love sidewalk chalk too!  Being an art teacher and artist, I go all out with my kids too!  I just bought a new box to draw with alongside my boys!

Thank you to those that follow me and leave sweet comments for me!   I'll share more work soon!


Nati Tristan said...

Those pictures are adorable! They look like they had a blast!!! Wonderful pictures!

Unknown said...

OMG....Me? WOW! Thanks so much! Love the pics of your boys and their eggs....I always hate throwing mine away too!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the umbrella! Wow! and I hope you will teach me how to make those flowers - I want to do some for a baby shower I am hosting! Maybe next weekend? You are just so darn clever, girlfriend!

Bon Bon