Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bloggity Blog Blog....

I am so not good at blogging. I try to remember, but with all the other craziness in my life right now, I, well.... forgot! So, what's new with me? School is NUTS! I 'm so ready for summer vacation! The kids are working on my last nerve. Today, I seriously repeated the same thing like 100 times! "Sit down" "Stop yelling" "wash that brush" "Finish your work!".... YIKES> I sounded like a broken record. They are losing braincells... and sucking mine out of my head just with their stupid questions! I'm glad to be back in control after a LOOOOOONNNNGG student teaching semester. She was good, but I felt like I was doing double the work and after being out so much this year, I am so behind. It is only 2 weeks until FINALS! Yes, that's right... 2 weeks to go. I have no doubt that many are not going to pass due to lack of effort. It's bad this year... much laziness and neediness. I hope I'm wrong, but kids today (don't I sound like my grandparents now???) are whiny, have week coping skills, and not very creative! They want to be told HOW to do it and given a grade or reward for doing very little. Sorry, that doesn't fly with me! I expect work to be done and risks to be taken in art. Make mistakes and learn from them kids! Don't whine about it... learn from it! I guess that comes with age and experience. They are missing their front lobes after all... haven't developed the ability to think to the future and grasp that what they do now (or don't do) will affect them many years down the road. They don't get it... was I like that??? If so, SORRY MOM!!!!

Oh... if you are up for a challenge, check out the Scrapdragons blog. I'm on the DT there and they have cool scrappy inspiration. Here's the link: Scrapdragons

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Happy Scrapbooking Day!

It's a day just for us! One where we get to scrap all day in our jammies... Well, not for this mama. I have a miserable little boy on my lap as I type. I plan on scrappin later when little man goes to bed! So, if you are able to sneak away for a few hours to scrap or have major plans... check out this challenge:


There are prizes involved!!! Now GO FORTH AND MAKE STUFF!!!!