Friday, July 31, 2009

Fav Five Friday

It's been awhile since I did this! I always forget... so, here are my favs this week:

1. My baby's smile! He is so fun and always smiling or laughing at me unless the boy is hungry or tired, he is smiling! My little sunshine...
2. Puddling jumping... Mark has recently taking a fancy to jumping in puddles after our very wet weather. He will get soaked! So, being the smart mommy, I put him in his swimsuit and let him have at it! He had a blast!!!! Completely soaked and begging for more long after he depleted the puddles. We had to get the hose out to make more! LOL!
3. This madras cover up dress from Target... one day they were there.. the next GONE! So glad I bought one when I did. I'm wearing it tomorrow night for hubby's 20th HS reunion party. I wish I could get the arms and body to go with this dress from Target too... LOL!
4. Blueberry bagels- I have one EVERY morning lately. They are the only kind of bagel I like. Lightly toasted with Weight Watcher cream cheese! YUM!!!

5. Bad Girls Reveal night!!! Tonight at 9pm PST (that's late for us East Coasters!) but it's always a blast... fun girls, festive chatter, and this time... good eats. We are swapping recipes. See the post below for more details!
That's it for tonight! See you at the reveal!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Being Bad Feels Soooo Good!

It's reveal night again! WOW! July has flown by! I'm getting ready to party it up with my Baddies over at Bad Girls Kits... It's going to be a fabulous night filled with delish recipes (yep, we are swapping appetizer ideas and recipes. Sure to be a blast and we have girls from all over the globe so international cuizine is gonna hit the spot!!!! Mmmmm. We are also rolling out the red carpet for an amazing kit full of vintage goodness and new stuff to compliment... If you want inspiration and a kit that is full of art, well, head over there tomorrow night at 5pm PST to start the party! It is ALWAYS a fun filled night full of gab, gorgeous projects, and challenges! I might just have something up my sleeve!

The main party details are here:
Lots of partying going on Friday night...we are going to have games....prizes.....FUN!!!!! So....come dressed in your hottest party dress and Lets RAWK!!!!

when?????..........Friday, July 31st

time????.........9 p.m. PST


what to bring????............all your hot little BAD GIRL friends!!!!

why??? want to PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been busy getting DT stuff done and playing around with new artwork ideas! I have something in the works for a new class in August or September... I'm still working on the main project idea, but you will not want to miss it!

My other classes are still open for registration and will be up for a while, so if you are interested in learning unique ways to print your photosAND
then how to alter those less- than-perfect images, well you just head on over to Bad Girls and check it out!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Cardboard obsession???

Hello, My Name is Jennifer and I have a cardboard addiction.... Seriously, I can't get enough! I love working on cardboard as a base for my pages and artwork. I have been using it alot. It's so much fun, textural, the color is perfect, the results unpredictable and it's recycling! On the other hand, it's bulky, not acid free, and not precut. So what! I don't give a fig about acid free and neither did the Masters of art. They used materials even if they didn't know that they would last a long time. I can't be bothered with that train of thought... that useless worrying. Do I intend to be immortal and have my work last FOREVER? Not really. It's artwork... an outpouring of my soul. A way for me to create and release my story... my history. BUT do I intend to store them in albums? Hmmm... I havent' been. They are in a box right now. Stacks of pages and mixed media. Just stored away with no real organization, no real theme, no rhyme or reason. I am too busy and unorganized to do that right now. What if something happened to me and they just sat that way until someone had to go through all my stuff? Well, they'd get a clue that I'm an artist and I'm disorganized! Teee hee. So, for now, that's where they stay. I might frame some in shadow boxes and hang them in my house (Lord knows I have enough blank wall space for some much needed artwork and Hubs keeps bugging me to get some framed and up!). I'm hoping someone creates some kind of album or multiple bulky page display thingy so that those of us that choose to work on pages that have more depth to them such as pop dots, cardboard, ribbon, buttons, etc.. , can display them without buying a million albums! Not sure how that would fly but I'll have to think on it!

Other notes, Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker in debuting as we speak at CHA. I'm so excited for her. Her designs are adorable and so fun to use. There is a giveaway on this blog... for the new halloween line! Check it out! Also her new website is up and you can see all the releases here!

I just finished my 2nd class at Bad Girls kits... Life Enhanced. The class is open indefinately so you can purchase it and still access the forum and materials. Here is a peek at the new layout that I did within the class...
The Caged Bird Sings

So,it's not too late to take it! I am taking a little break in classes to get my school planning done and come up with a fun project based class. I'm thinking that it may be a fun sculptural assemblage project. We'll see!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bad Girls Birthday Bash!

Bad Girls Kits is 2 years old!!! WOW! So, in celebration of this momentous occasion, we are offering a swwwweeet prize pack for a little member participation!

For the Birthday Bash Bad Girls will be offering a Huge Prize Package that will include a Great Kit from Wendy and some free classes.

The drawing for this prize will be hosted on the Bad Girls Blog. In order for you to be entered into the drawing for this prize,

A) you will need to make a blog post on your own blog about why you love shopping at Bad girls, what you love about the kits, and why you love our online classes.
B) **Also you will have to post a photo of either your all time favorite BG's kit or your favorite BG's Class!

C) Then return to the Bad Girls Blog and leave a comment with a link to your blog! Sounds fairly easy right?

***For additional entries to win the prize you can post that same information on facebook, myspace, the designers blogs, etc. and link that in your blog post!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Serendipity Sunday

I haven't done this in a while but I have lots of inspiration lately! Here's what's inspiring me lately:

Lauren Pressler
Family of Letters [detail], mixed media acrylic, 2006, by Lauren Pressler

I couldn't find much about this artist except that she was a student at Willamette University in 2006. She has a wonderful vintage feel to her mixed media artwork that links her ancestor's lives to her own. She uses letters and the horrors of the Holocaust to infuse mood and stories into her work. I love the colors, the figures, and the textures here. Very insightful and sophisticated for such a young artist!

Michel Keck
Original abstract mixed media art painting by Michel Keck aka The Raw Artist. Title: Hard Knock LIfe
Size: 24" x 36" x 1.5"
Medium: mixed media on gallery wrapped canvas & framed

This large piece is full of textures, imagery, and media. I love the use of the screen door and the idea of youth and being stuck behind a door. This artist has lots of interesting work!

Debrina Pratt
I am in love with fun toy quality to these works. THe pull toys with fairy children just beg to be touched and played with! I love the colors, the whimsy, the details! She has a style all her own and full of fun and child-like excitement! I read that these are really small too... which adds to it's playfulness.

So those are my picks for this week... the things that I found while getting inspiration to create!

I've been bogged down with a very messy and unorganized work area. I can't function anymore! It's sucking the mojo out of me! My chi is all off! So, I spent all day yesterday and well into the night cleaning and organizing. I left the brutal sorting to today so that I could sleep on it. I hate throwing things out but I find I am holding on to things with the hopes that I'll used them and now they are piled in 3 large bins. I need to reduce, reuse or recycle! If I don't I will drown in my mess! So, I'm going through all the magazines, scraps, kits, and such and weeding out when I don't want or won't use right away. I've filled one huge garbage bag already! YIKES! The scraps are going to school for kids to use in their artworks and the rest is getting put where I will use it! I'm feeling my mojo creeping out from under the piles already!!!



Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bad Girls Bleuprint #4

I have a bit of inspiration for you! If you head over to the Bad Girls kits site you can check out the Bleuprint of the week. My inspiration for Bleuprint #4 "This Old House" was based on these photos:

Aren't these old, peeled doors fabulous? I got these from a google search on old doors and I'm sorry that I don't have all the artist's names who took these photos, but I am in love with the look of each one! I created this montage of images to inspire you to create with texture, color, and aged goodness.

Here is the sketch that I created to work from or gain inspiration from... use it as you want.

And here's my example from my inspiration!

This Old House by Jennifer Matott

I used Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker papers from her Victoria's Street line and the Bread(less) tags (covered in crackle paint and dimensional glaze with a rub on). I also used her flag here with a stamp from the set that matches the papers! So cute! The background is a double layered corregated cardboard sheet from a box that I rummaged for. I LOVE the double layer and used crackle paint to simulate the painted doors. Here are some details:

So, how will you be inspired? I'd love to see your results! Post to the Bad Girls gallery by midnight tomorrow (PST- for all you bad girls!) to be eligible for Featured Bleuprint artist of the week.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

DT work and classes

I have been a busy scrapper lately. Which is good... because I've been a grump to be around. So, pouring creative juices out on paper is theraputic for me. I'm going to forgo the drama of sharing why I'm grumpy, but I will definately share the fruits of that mood...

Black River Designs
Here are 2 layouts, a card, and a fun project that I created this month and a little about each one...

Happy 4th! card
I am not a fabulous card maker. It frustrates me as to why I don't enjoy making cards. I guess because they are utilitarian and not too many people I know (with the exception of my mom) appreciate my art cards. So, I tend to have to keep them simple. So, this one is simple. I ran the Cor'dinations cardstock through my Cuttlebug with an embossing envelope and sanded the area that was to show through the star cut out in the chipboard. I covered the chipboard with paper and added bling to it and a ribbon. The greeting are rub ons. Simple and fun.


This I had more fun with. I covered toilet paper rolls and a towel roll with papers and added tissue paper for the tops. This fun trio sits in my entry hall for the celebration of the 4th of July and looks so cute. I might add a base somehow later.

4th of July Frolic

This layout was all about the colors of Independence Day.. my son last year was chasing bubbles with his Old Navy flag shirt on. Perfect! I created the star pattern by running a damp piece of Cor'dinations cardstock thorugh my Cuttlebug with a Prima Felt pattern behind it. Sanded it when it dried and voila!

This is my favorite one... I LOVE LOVE LOVE working with corregated cardboard as a base. It just begs to be torn, texturized, and painted! My favorite techniques. I used Ranger Distress Crackle paints to create the background and then I added distressed papers, rub ons, and created the roses from scrap papers (all of them Black River Designs). I will be having a tutorial on the Black River Blog about how to make these lovelies soon... I'll link it up to here when I know what day it will be up. Anyways, the title letters are Heidi Swapp and are crackled as well. Aren't those butterflies gorgeous? They are cut from one of the papers! Here's a detail:

Okay, so that is my DT work for Black River Designs... I'm finishing a few new things for Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker and will post those here too soon.

I'm teaching a class and taking a class...

First, check out my new class for Bad Girls kits...

Life Enhanced: Altering Photographs Using Mixed Media
As a follow up or stand alone class to Printing on Alternative Surfaces, this class will explore using photographs in a whole new way. Whether you are interested in giving texture or artistic details to photographs OR you want to know how to use media such as molding paste, gel mediums, gesso, crackle paste and more! This class is not for the faint of heart. You will be transforming your images into works of art. The focus of this class is techniques and how to use media on photographs or to transfer images to surfaces. I will help you take your imagery to a new level. If you are looking for ways to add to your art journaling, ATCs, or scrapbooking... this is the class for you! The three day class will bring you on a journey through photo transfers, photo altering, and medium use. You will soar with your new knowledge and create texture filled work after this class!

You can register for this class online at Bad Girls Shoppes . It is $29.95 and packed with techniques, demos, ideas, and it will be up for a month for you to browse as needed. You will need to register on Bad Girls in order to get to the Shoppes, but once you do, it's easy. If you have problems or questions email me!

Okay, I am finally taking a class from Dina Wakley... She is a wonderful teacher of Visual Journaling techniques and styles. I missed her other classes but I was NOT going to miss this one. It's all about looking at the Masters of art, like Van Gogh, Picasso, and others and deriving inspiration from there work. NOT copying their style, but finding something that sparks your own creativity. It's a little art history, a LOT of playing with paints and media, and equals more creating for me!!! Just for me... no one else. I have been meaning to start a journal for a long time, but I never stick with it. I get intimidated, perfectionistic, uninspired, and busy... it's a sad state. I teach visual journaling to my students and yet, I can't seem to practice what I preach. So, this is just what I need to break out of that creative wall I've built around me and encourage me to just play... no worries, no stress, no pressure to be perfect! JUST do it! I am in love with it! I have paint under my nails again and am loving it! JUST FOR ME! It's a 4 week class online and I think it's just what I needed right now! See my lovely freely painted, monochromatic tags? I got carried away in the process and did all the colors of the rainbow (except purple... purple and I have issues together... I'll work through them eventually, but I only had one purple hue and well, I didn't like it enough to open it.. maybe later).

Okay... LONG ass post. That's what I get for waiting until I had a bunch of stuff to share. I'm still working on the blog look... it's not feeling finished for me. I think I will look for more sites to get free backgrounds from... if you know of any, let me know!