Friday, August 7, 2009

5 Fave Friday

It's that time again... Friday! Where did this week go? Seriously... only 4 more weeks left until the kids head back to school and I start work again! I'm getting a bit panicked!!! OMG... I haven't even finish lesson plans, setting up my classroom, or school shopping! So, this post is dedicated to the 5 things I must have this year for school fashion for me! Teaching Elementary aged kids means more conservative necklines, no short skirts, etc... so here are the 5 things I'm on the look out for this year:
1. Navy Blue cardigan - a basic!

2. LOVE this top at Old Navy!

3. Well-made pants that fit like a dream... these are from LOFT.

4. Another funky fun basic tunic top... gorgeous embroidery! Old Navy BABY!!!

5. Adorable pants at Old Navy... I need some new kacki pants and these are too comfy looking!

I'm also needing some comfy but cute shoes... I'll be on the look out for those next!
Happy Friday!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Okay, that sounds self-serving and cheesy wishing myself a Happy Birthday but as I get older, I guess there is less importance put upon one's birthday celebration. I'm 35 today! No longer the young thing I used to be. My body is no where near what it used to be (Thank you my children!) and I have gray hairs that need coloring. I am now at an age that if I was to be pregnant (which I'm NOT!) or have surgery, I would need pre-screening or special tests done... I'm closer to middle aged and farther from my teen years. However, I am blessed in many ways! I have 2 young and wonderful children! I've been married for 9 years and have a hubby that is in most ways my opposite and compliment. I have an accomplished career and a hobby that is on it's way to being a second career! I am lucky in so many ways!

Today I am looking at a little boy that has one tooth missing already! He lost it yesterday at my mom's house while rushing up the stairs on the deck. Down he went and crashed face first onto the deck. He lost the battle with the wood and had blood gushing and a bent back front tooth! YIKES! I was screaming inside but outwardly calm. He was crying and saying "I broke my tooth! I broke my tooth!!". Poor baby! The dentist was a sweetheart and had us come to his house! He tried to move it back into place, but it had severed from the socket and came out... so the tooth fairy came for a visit last night. He was thrilled to get $5 (I remember when it was $1 for a tooth... man, inflation is a bitch!) and some Superman pencils and notepad! How did the tooth fairy know that he loves Superman? Hmmmm... Anyways, he looks adorable with the missing tooth except for the fat lip and bruised chin, but he told me that he misses his baby tooth. Awww...

Today is full of fun things. I ordered my new Coach bag! Here is what it looks like. I had to call around to get it. Apparently it is out of stock due to popularity, but I got one from E. Hampton! YES! They are mailing it to me and I should get it by the weekend! Soooooo excited!
Matt also got me a cake last night from Carvel's to celebrate. I'm afraid to get weighed in this week at Weight Watchers! I am trying to be good really I am! Anyways, we are going to go see Dave Matthew's tonight as another birthday treat! We have seen him twice before kids. This is a treat having him playing right in Syracuse and I hope it will be a good night for a concert! Right now it is gorgeous out but they are calling for some possible rain and thunderstorms tonight... hope not! So, this is the third event out with just hubby and I in 2 weeks! This NEVER happens! I feel so lucky! It's a happy day after all! Hope your day is as blessed as mine!