Friday, November 23, 2007

Where has this month gone???

Here we are after Thanksgiving... Black Friday. Did I get up ungodly early and go shopping? YEP! Matt thought I was nuts and even tried to "forbid" me to go. BLAH.. do I listen, NO! So I got up at 5 am and showered, dressed, and headed for the mall. The plan was to stay away from toy stores, electronics, and large retail chains. I went to Macy's first and got Matt a ton of stuff for his b'day next week and Christmas. Good start! Then, after dropping that all off in the car, I went back in for more. I got a Latte and then headed for Old Navy... I got Mark a couple things for his b'day and as I worked my way down the Mall, I thought about how much I love shopping for others at the holidays. It just feels good. I have to admit that I did buy myself a few items. I got a couple pairs of pants, gloves, a new bra, and a new coat. I needed the bra and coat badly... the others were a bonus. Kind of a pat on the back for making it through the last couple months. It's been a crazy few months. Just to recap... I finished a ceramic tile mural at school, managed to NOT kill any kids (that is said in a *Wink Wink ** sort of way), threw a Halloween party, finished DT assignments, had numerous doctors appts.... both for myself and for Mark, had a Colonoscopy ** more about that in a minute**, got a new car (well, a mini van to be exact), attended a conference where I presented 2 workshops, managed to NOT kill the hubby, and am now planning birthday parties and Christmas! Whew!!!!
Okay, about that Colonoscopy... totally was not a big deal. The worst part was the prep. I got there and they had a hard time inserting the IV... Apparently I have no veins. They put me out and I woke up dopey and feeling pretty good. I got photos of the interior of my a** and found out that what was causing my discomfort was a few small interior hemis... Okay, I can deal with that. BIG sigh of relief. No surgery, no pain... very easy. So, I immediately wanted fries and a diet soda! Matt was a sweetie. He didn't even argue with me. It was the best soda and fries I had ever eaten! I was pretty loopy all day.
Now that that is out of the way and I know I'm all clear... literally, we are starting to try to have a second baby. Yep, you heard me. I am ready to make my life crazier than it is now. I can't believe I'm saying that. Mark is potty trained and ready for a big boy room and I'm ready to return to diapers. Well, now that I write that, it doesn't sound so great! LOL! I think this is the perfect time. If we don't have another soon, life will be too comfortable and we will never decide it's a good time. So, we are putting it in the hand's of a greater power and having a good time while we're at it! Our parents are thrilled of course...even with the possiblity of having another baby in the family... mind you, we aren't actually prego... they just swoon at the thought of it being a possibility.
Anyways, I have a million things that I need to finish... creatively speaking. I'm working on 3 mini albums... one is a DT assignment for The Little Scrap Shop and the others are gifts. One I have been "working" on... ie: procrastinating... since last March. I'm also doing Christmas cards, a garland project...I'll share later, gifts, and other DT projects. In all my "spare" time, I need to finish at least 5 more artworks for my group artshow in January.. What was I thinking??? I better get moving on that! I'll post some previews when I get them done... let's just say I'm going to be doing some mixed media and prints to go along with my sculptures.

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Monday, November 12, 2007


Okay, this post is going to be full of TMI... I am having a Colonoscopy(sp?) this afternoon. I am one mean bi*ch today! I haven't eaten solid food in over 24 hours! I'm not a happy camper. Not to mention the constant potty time I've put in... I never thought I'd be having one of these at my age. I've been having some rectal bleeding ('s not pretty for me either) and was worried. So the doc thinks he should have a look. I'm not really scared, just a lot embarrassed. You'd think I'd be over it after having a child, but that is an area that I don't let anyone look at. I was more worried about excreting while giving birth than I was about the blood thing. It's a private matter. So why am I making it public? Well, it's not that bad. The worst is not being able to eat and the inconvienence of having to stop what I'm doing and go potty. I hate that! My FIL is a pro at this procedure.. he's had over 10 of them. SO, he assured me it was no biggie.. I was skeptical and still am a bit. I just have 4 hours left before the event. All I have to say is... they better knock me out! I don't want to know anything that happened until it's over. I'm not interested in seeing it. I just want to know that whatever's there is not a problem or that they took care of the problem. I can't wait to eat tonight! That's what I'm holding out for!!! So wish me luck and sorry if I grossed you out.

Thursday, November 8, 2007


It's been a week since I've been on here. I've been busy. Life is crazy right now. I'm working on so many projects and trying to keep up with grading my student's work! It's just one thing right after another! I'm going nuts trying to keep up with home, school, art, wife, etc... SO bear with me.

Good News! I just got notice that I'm going to be published in Scrapbook Trends Embellish Ideas Book! So effing excited! See that layout on the right? My Prince? He's going to be published! I'm taking it down this week. IT's already been removed from the online galleries, but I can show it her for a bit longer. I have to mail the original out by Tuesday... that part always has me panicking! I can't stand to part with it! I know I'll get it back, but you never know with the mail or things that happen, so I'll just cross my fingers and hope I get it safe and sound. Thanks for letting me ramble!