Friday, July 9, 2010

BEE Happy!!

It's summer and that means I have a bit more time to create! I am trying my best to fit it in during Christopher's nap time and after the kids go to bed. Being a mom is never ending... you don't get breaks like in a "real job". It is hard and it is exhausting, but it is also rewarding and fun sometimes. There are times when I don't really enjoy being a mom... like when I have to be the disciplinarian. When I have to yell and get totally aggravated by behaviors that are inappropriate or or down right intolerable! Mark is going through that 5 year old stage (well, he IS 5) where he wants to do what HE wants to do and not what we ask or tell him to do. It's become a battle of wits. Not always fun! We have done alot of yelling and screaming on both sides here in and out of this house. Finally, I HAD it! I decided to try a system that I read about in a magazine. It is simple and had instant gratification all in one! He needs motivation to curb his wants. So, I made a reward jar. Simple glass jar decorated for him and using marbles and pretty "gems" as tactile symbols for positive behaviors and deeds. He gets one from myself, Matt, or one of the grandparents (when they are watching him) if he displays a positive tone, respectful behaviors or requests, and helpful deeds (either by being asked or on his own... like sharing or getting something for his brother without being asked to). He gets to place the marble or gem in the jar. When the jar is filled, he gets a reward. The rewards are of his choice: a special day with Mommy or Daddy, a play date with a friend, or some spending money. Now, I know some people think that this is bribery, but you know what??? I think whatever works to the end result that you want is fine! I am done with the yelling and screaming. I want to instill him to strive for positive things through determination and a goal. Whether that is intrinsic or extrinsic doesn't matter to me. 5 year olds are not intrinsically motivated in general. They do what they FEEL like at the time and don't think about long term goals unless there is something motivating them to do so. So, here is my solution and it's working great. We had been doing a chart but it's hard to keep track of and do consistently. This is much easier for everyone and FUN! Here's the jar:
I have more projects posted over at Nikki Sivils, Scrapbooker blog HERE. Check it out! I am working on tons more right now! I can't seem to stop with the ideas flowing!

I'll leave you with one more page that I finished a bit ago. It's one of Mark with his lovey, Ducky. I love this photo so much! I printed it on watercolor paper for a soft feel. The papers are Tim Holtz's new line! LOVE these designs!!!
I used a variety of hole punches to create the eaten corners. Love the layered look with texture. He will not remember the words he spoke that day, but I will never forget them! I wanted to document them for him later. My sweet little boy is growing so fast!

Btw, you probably noticed that the blog has a new look to it. I changed the background and I might work on a new header someday. It was time for a new "artsy" look. I love Shabby Blogs site and their designs! Let me know what you think!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Endings and some loose ends

It's a sad day for me. I was abruptly informed that one of my Design Team positions is no longer needed. Major financial changes within Couture Cardstock's parent company, Cardstock Warehouse, has resulted in a complete reorganization and the result is a very abrupt and immediate end to the Couture Cardstock. I am not certain as to the future of Couture Cardstock, all I know is that the direction in which the parent company has decided to go, no longer includes the services of the former staff, including our president, CarrieAnne DeLoach, and all of us designers. If you have any questions, you may contact the Cardstock Warehouse staff directly.

I did not get the opportunity to work with Couture Cardstock for very long. I was honored to be asked to be their very first guest designer back in November and then joined the team in April. I absolutely loved working with the team leaders and girls who made up the creative team there! They are so talented and I know we will see their talents elsewhere soon! While I am still on a few other teams, I was sad to hear that my work and that of the team would not be going to CHA this year and that this company would no longer be as it was before! It was a shock and right in the middle of a wonderful dinner with my girlfriends so at least I had a group to cry on and have a margarita (or 2) with! :)

I will still be creating my art and hanging around other sites and blogs until the next opportunity comes my way. It was an honor to serve on that DT as long as I could.

Here are the CHA projects that I created using the cardstock and some partner company's products:
I love this layout!!! I had to make a circle layout and I knew that I wanted to use my friend, Nicole's baby girl, Gwen. She has been through so much! She was a micro premie... meaning that she was born at 27 weeks and weighed less than 2 lbs! She has had a lot to handle. Underdeveloped lungs, some illnesses in the hospital that delayed her going home and slow growth rate. She is a miracle and so beautiful! This photo makes me cry... it's so gorgeous! Her little thumb in her mouth and napping! She is a doll!
I made the ruffles with layers of cardstock and patterned papers. The edges were punched with border punches first and adhered in a ruffled fashion around the edge. Lots of die cut leaves sprayed with glimmer mist! So pretty, just like this little girl!

Nature Found

This one was fun to make! I just got my MM Slice and had a blast cutting leaves, butterflies, and words from the cardstock! I layered and added lots! I sprayed with Olive Vine Glimmer mist and just went crazy! The photos are from a fun photo shoot where Christopher was finding a leaf for the first time! So cute!

Discover Beauty
This was a challenge... pink? Well, you know I'm not a PINK girl. I had fun ripping and layering here and created a banner with patterned papers and cardstock... lots of stitching too.