Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Extreme News! Extreme Home Makeover is doing a show here in CNY. They are building a house in Geneva for a deserving family and it is all the buzz around here! Just by chance... I got to meet one of the stars... well, THE star in my opinion! I was at the Bob Dylan concert in Canandaigua, NY last night with hubby. Matt had to work the VIP wine tasting in the VIP box seating, so he asked me to go. I was grumbling about it because Bob Dylan is not my favorite singer, but a night out is a night out right? Well, after the tasting was done, we stayed in the VIP seating to watch the last 20 mins. of the show when who shows up? Standing less than 3 feet from me??? Ty Pennington!!!
i am still in shock! Matt asked his security guy if I could get a picture with Ty. I was so excited. I introduced myself and probably mumbled some strange sentence. BUT, I got a pic with him!!!! WOW! I'm swooning! So, here's one for the memory books! I'm going out to the site on Friday or Saturday to see the building for myself. When will I get this chance again?