Thursday, August 4, 2011

It's My Birthday... and other stuff

It took my husband to figure out my age this year.  I thought I was going to be 38 but apparently I've lived all of this year and thought I was 37 already, but no, I'm actually turning 37 today.  Why am I a year behind?  Math is not my strength apparently.  I better start writing it down for next year.  LOL!  I still LOVE being pampered and spoiled on my b'day but I guess the year just doesn't matter anymore. When you are a kid, you wish to be older and when you get to the teen years you just can't wait to be 21! Once you get older (past 21) you wish everyone would just forget your real age but still celebrate birthdays.  So, I guess I'm at that stage where I forget my own age and just like the cake, presents and hugs part. This morning I got hugs, kisses and some sweet gifts from the hubs and kids.  I've gotten gift cards to a salon and many gifts to itunes!  YAY!  LOVE my books on my ipod and music too.  I'll be using them! I'm giving myself a gift today... dropping the kids off at daycare for the day and going out to run errands on my own!  I have a hair appt. at noon and plan to have lunch at Panerra as well as go get my art room desk fixings.  I need to get my room in order and I have big plans!  Here is my inspiration:

Here's my thought... I have one of those 9 cubby shelves from Closetmaid and I'm going to get another and see what table top I can find for the work surface.  I'm thinking black so that I can match it with the black leather drawers I have.  I also need a new chair... something comfy but taller.  I have a beat up office chair right now that is comfy but falling apart.  I also need a new tool bin for pencils and scissors and such.  I'm not asking too much am I?  I'm hoping today is a lucky day to find it all and get it together.  That would be a great gift to myself.  I am also getting my hair done and that always makes me feel good!  Maybe I might go out tonight too... dinner?  Not sure.  I'll be back with the finished look when I'm done!