Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JOIN me!!

I'm sorry that I have been bad at updating my blog... I'm just not good at the daily rambling thing. With so much going on with DT assignments, publications, projects, teaching, and dealing with a troubled pregnancy, I am drained! I really hope to get back to normal and move on with everything... we sure will have fun trying again.. Tomorrow is the day for the sonogram that will confirm that we either have a baby or not... if not, I will go in for a D&C Thursday and it will be over... I'm sad, but anxious to have closure here and move on.

On a fun and happy note, there is a new scrappy forum opening today!!! The Little Scrap Shop is making our forum public... Here's the link: The Scrap Pad
This forum ROCKS! Seriously, it is a group of fantastic girls so far and we are so excited to open it up to other fun scrappers to chat!!! Please come and join us there! We are having an online Cyber Crop the weekend of February 22-25th!!! So... HOP on over to the Scrap Pad~