Friday, October 31, 2008


I won... I FREAKING WON! Can you believe it??? Well, I'm still letting it sink in. I stayed up until 11:00pm to see who won. I couldn't believe my name was there.... right after TOP DESIGNER! I am officially the BAD GIRLS KITS 2008 TOP DESIGNER! Seriously, if you don't know what this means, well, you need to go check out the competition.. I was up against over 300 girls from start to finish and then in the finals down to 10 other VERY talented and creative girls. It couldn't have been easy to pick a winner! I feel so very fortunate and blessed that I was chosen. I get a rockin' prize pack, but better than that, I get to be a guest designer for the December kit with the possibility of staying on permanently as a BAD GIRL DT member. I'm just floating on clouds right now and have screamed it all day! I keep going back to the post to check to make sure I really did win! LOL! I worked so hard on all my class projects and LOVE these 7 pieces more than any others. The classes were so inspiring and I felt creativity just FLOW out of me! The final exam is a sculptural piece that I feel so good about. I'm going to show it in a few art shows locally too. It's pictured below in the last post. I can't tell you how much winning this and the support I've gotten from my family and friends have meant to me! I am so humbled and beyond thrilled. It's a dream to get to this point and for the #1 kit club in the world! WOW! Just fabulous! Check them out!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Okay, I haven't TAKEN a final exam in many years, but at Bad Girls Kits, I am! I made it to the TOP 11! I just posted my final exam project. The assignment that Lead Bad Girl Extraordinaire, Wendy, gave was to altered something from it's original state or use. I decided right away to do a sculpture. I went looking for a bird cage at the thrift stores only to find NOTHING. So, Tuesday morning Matt was taking his dry cleaning off of wire hangers and I nearly tackled him! He handed over the 6 hangers and I went right to work on changing them into a bird cage! That's right. After fighting with Epoxy and wire hangers, I fashioned a bird cage and spray painted it gold. I painted, gold leafed, and altered a paper mache dress form into a female representation for motherhood. I cut a door that represents the womb with an egg (featuring my last sono). The nest is twigs, feathers, wire, ribbon, and strips of motherhood sayings.


The butterflies are made with metal, sheet music, grungeboard and wire & beads. The wings on the woman are made from sheet metal.

My idea was that being a Mother is both a treasure and sometimes feels like being caged. Even though things look beautiful on the outside, a woman can feel conflicted and imprisoned on the inside.

I am very happy with how it turned out and am hoping beyond hope that I win the contest and become the TOP DESIGNER!!! I would shout for joy and just about pass out! What an amazing experience this has been and I am on a creative high from it all! I just can't stop! I'm bringing this baby to the State Conference to display in the member's exhibit! I am so happy that I actually finished some new artwork to share with my fellow art educators too... Okay, keep your fingers crossed!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

BAD GIRLS- TOP Designer!

OMG! I made it to the 6th round of the Top Designer contest at Bad Girls Kits! Here's the link to see the classes and work: BAD GIRLS ACADEMY . I am beyond excited! I love their kits. They are full of scrappy goodness and oozzing of charm and creativity! I have made some of the best layouts I've ever made during this contest. My mojo is pumped up and I'm ready for anything! Here are some of my layouts that got me to where I am now.

Here's the one that I did for the color challenge:
Now, can I make it to the final 1o??? Well, I have tons of ideas flowing thorugh my head, but are they TOO crazy? Are they not out of the box enough??? I'm up against so much talent! It's amazing that I made it this far. I'm honored and feeling so very lucky! I am just happy to have made it this far. I am gonna give it my best shot and cross all my stained fingers and toes (It wouldn't hurt if you all cross them for me too! LOL!) and just get crazy!