Thursday, July 19, 2007


I have discovered painting on transparencies can give the look of Hamblys without the expense. Well, not as much per sheet! I got transparencies at Staples in a box of 100! Then with my favorite stamps and some empty paper towel rolls... I made a pattern! So fun!
Here's the steps:
1) choose your stamps and paint colors... I use foam stamps or stamps that are fairly solid in design with Ranger dabber paints... LOVE them! Here you see me dabbing paint on.

2)Okay, stamp a pattern by re-painting the stamp and repeating to create a pattern.. much like Hambly does...

Jenbly's are not permanent as a screen print would be, however... you can make as many as you like in any color or style... For more durability turn transparency over to apply to page.

See my example:

Made with Stampin up stamp and white Ranger paint!


Anonymous said...

Awesome technique! Thanks for sharing with us!

Tricia said...

Jen that is some fabulous work! I love your stamp-turned-transparency!!! I have to try this!