Monday, January 26, 2009


Patience.... it's my word of the year. I mean really... it is truly testing me. I am still waiting to have this little bundle of new boy joy. He is being nearly as stubborn as my first one. I'm now 1 full day overdue. My due date was yesterday and I was disappointed that nothing happened. Well, except being uncomfortable and having a very hard time sleeping. So, today I went back to the doctor's office for my sono and non-stress test. It was kind of exciting to get to see him again on the screen and they even did a couple 4-D photos!!! I saw his cute face and little hand. WOW! Very cool. I need to scan that in here. Okay, so then I had to be hooked up to a monitor to check his heartrate and see if I'm having contractions. NO contractions but a good steady heartbeat and movements. He was kicking me up in my ribs the whole time. Then to doctor examined me and I'm 3 cm dilated now. That's big! However, that in no way means he's going to cooperate and come tonight. So, I have to practice patience. I'm cranking, whiny, and sore, but I will try to be patient. I was scheduled to do this all over again next Monday. At least that is a goal.. Hopefully, he comes before then. If he does then I will meet him in person and not on the screen!
So after my appt. I went to Barnes & Nobles and got myself a new smutty romance novel, an art book (Mixed Emulsions) and a journal/sketchbook. I plan to start a visual journal this year. I want to do a 2 page spread a week. We'll see if that happens, but at least I have the book now. I might start tomorrow if nothing is happening. I'm seriously BORED and clearly driving myself and everyone around me nuts with my complaints. I hate staying home and waiting! But going out may mean that my water will break in the company of strangers. That would be bad, so pretty confident that nothing will happen today, I took advantage of being out and about. I might go walk the mall tomorrow. We'll see how confident and brave I am. Maybe a trip to Babies R' Us will get me feeling confident. LOL! OR I'll just stay home and create more artwork. I'm on a roll and it's crazy how creative and full of ideas I am. I can't possibly do them all right now. I have a few in progress works and finished all my Bad Girls DT layouts for Feb. I'll post sneak peeks later this week when I get the okay. Here are some of the new layouts that I finished for no good reason other than I was feeling creative:
Grow Together

Wall Hanging using Prima/ Webster's Pages/Tim Holtz Masks!

Please send me a little labor dust and good vibes this week ! I'm hoping for a quick, but not too quick birth. I want that epidural in the worst way! LOL!


Tracy said...

I'm sending big big labor vibes all the way to the frosty temps of NY!!!

Beautiful LO's... my little guy has not left me feeling any craft mojo at all. Since I've been pg (17w) I've done ONE layout. Count 'em... one. And only because it was for a friend to give to her mom for Christmas. Aye... not my best work at all.

You've got the creative juices flowing right through you!!!

Jen said...

Hope you have your baby soon. And I hope it's nice and fast for you! See you around Bad Girls!