Tuesday, January 13, 2009

More Photos and a WOOOP WOOP!

Guess what I got???? I had my shower on Sunday and the girls got me a COACH diaper tote!!! I am in such euphoria over it! It's got so much room and I will look fabulous with it! They know me so well... I love them all... THANKS... Nicole, Holly, Bon Bon, Shelley, Sherry, Kathy G., Kathy C, Pam, Cari, Amy, and Marty!!! LOVE you girls! I got a lot of other amazing gifts to round out my excitement... lots of adorable outfits for baby, necessities, gift cards (which I've already used to get a few much needed items), soft blankets(a knit set from my MIL), keepsakes, and my dad got him golf clubs... yep, I said GOLF CLUBS>.. he did the same thing with Mark... so both will have a set now.. They are so cute. My parents threw the shower and it was a great time at my favorite restaurant. Mark was so good too! What a wonderful celebration to welcome my new boy!

I'm uploaded a few more maternity photo session pics as promised here...
And a few of my first baby! Mark is such a big boy... Nicole took a few of him and I'm so glad! He is so cute especially with his lovey, Ducky. I used Photoshop to just color the duck and his jeans! So cute...
Okay, so that's it for today... still pregnant and uncomfortable. Matt is going out of town tomorrow (unless I guilt trip him otherwise) overnight and I'm nervous that I will go. He will be 2 1/2 hours away! YIKES! It's gonna be COOOOLLLD here tomorrow too. We are talking below zero temps! I might just snuggle in and get cozy and create tomorrow!

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Tracy said...

You look amazing!!

I'm so jealous of your Coach bag!! haha!! You are one loved and lucky girl!!!