Thursday, August 2, 2007

Goals for my 33rd Year

Okay, I 'm gonna get serious here for a minute.. As I am coming up to my 33rd birthday (on Saturday!), I want to write down what my goals for this year are. I have some things to work on...
1) Be more patient
I am way too impatient. Impatient with others, impatient with waiting in traffic or in line at a store, impatient with work. I need to slow down and take a breather. I always feel bad when I yell at Mark to hurry up and when I'm short with hubby when he's bothering me. I need to relax and learn to look at the positive, not the negative. It's getting to me and I KNOW it gets to others. I'm forever in lines... the store, the highway, whatever... I am so annoyed if I have to wait more than a few minutes. WHere am I going? What's so important? Why the rush??? SLOOO@W Down!

2) Get organized...
This is a biggie! I need to weed out the old and organize the new. This is on my resolution list every year, yet I'm still a mess. I love chaos when creating, but afterwards, I look around and groan.. it's a mess! Sometimes I can't even find things I need! It wastes so much time... I need to reevaluate the storage options and get things in a workable place.
3) Exercise more.
I HATE HATE HATE exercise. The sweat, the pain, the time it takes... I would much rather be curled up with a good book or creating something. I HATE it! Anyways, I need to move my muscles more. I got a flyer in the mail from a local gym and it has aerobic classes and is very reasonable (at least on the flyer) so I need to stop in there and see. It's right near my work and home so it seems perfect. Maybe I will actually get in shape.

4)Spend less $
DH would be thrilled if I did this one. I spend WAY too much on non-essentials. I'm not even talking about my scrap addiction, though that is a big chunk! I go to Target at least twice a week. YIKES! I need to write down what we need and pick 1 day a week to go. That's my goal.

5) Submit pages to magazines
I so want to be published. I'm doing all this work, now I need to send it to editors to see. I can't get in if I don't submit. My goal is to be published in at least 2 publications this year.

6) Go on at least one vacation...
I need a break at least once a year. We are going to go to Florida in April, but I'm talking about a "Me" trip. One where I go by myself purely for enjoyment. Maybe Vegas, maybe AZ again???

7) Try for a 2nd Child..
Okay, I'll admit it, I'm thinking seriously about trying to have a second baby. Mark is almost 3 and even though he's a challenge at times, I really would like another one. He is even telling me that he wants a "baby sister"... LOUDLY this morning I might add. Maybe we'll get on that after the holidays. I would love to have him/her around September/ October. That way I'll get maternity leave and can go back mid way through the year or take the entire year off.

Okay, that's my list right now. Hope I can accomplish all of these.


Anonymous said...

Wow Jen, Those are awsome goals. I would love for you to come here to AZ again. I enjoyed visitibg with you. I just had a girls weekend to California with 2 of my friends. We had a good time. But there was just not enough time in each day.
I you come back here let me know so we can go scrap again.


Anonymous said...

Great goals! I need to work on some of those myself!

Unknown said...

good goals! I'm thinking about joining a gym this week...HAHAHAHAHA yeah right that'll work. My girls are fun, but not so fun with other kids/adults they don't know when I'm not with them. Not sure I can leave them in the child care corner.

How exciting to hope for a second! Having two is so fun!!

Anonymous said...

Goals are where it is at - first step is what you did - write em down... next post em where you will see them. You chose some wonderful goals ... and thery are all within reach! You reminded me to get my act back on track!

Bon Bon