Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A Fantastic NEW site/ kit club

I am trying out for a Design team on this fantastic new blog site and kit club. The product is so great and the site has a great feel to it. Angel is the blogger and owner of the site. She is so supportive and fun! It's a small site and the gallery is growing! Stop by and check it out... The blog is called "Stop, Drop & Crop". Look in my "Links I Dig" below for the link to the site! It's a great site for ideas and how to advice in scrapbooking. I'm loving the new challenges and prizes too. It's very motivating. Need a kick to your mojo? Check it out!


ellen s. said...

good luck on the team! looks like a GREAT site!

Tricia said...

How long before you know if you are a SDC Girl??!!? Good luck...they'd be CRAZY not to pick you!