Sunday, September 30, 2007

Gorgeous weather... when will the bottom drop?

I really never thought of myself as a pessimist, but seriously, how can we be on such a lovely weather streak? It's Central New York after all. We NEVER get consistent weather. But none the less, it's been consistently beautiful and DRY! I'm loving it, except for the allergy thing, but I have to wonder, are we in for it? Is this just a kind of sick joke by mother nature? Will she dangle this lovely wonderful weather we've had and slam us with another 12 feet-of-snow-in-a- week-kind-of-weather? When will the bottom drop out? I guess I should just enjoy it right now and not worry about it, but I am coming to HATE CNY winters! Really, 33 years is enough to jade anyone with winter blizzards, cold, slush, and short summers. It's depressing to say the least. So, why have I not moved down south? Why stick it out and complain all winter????

Well, here are a list of pros and cons for CNY:
1) inconsistent weather (long, cold, snowy winters & short, warm summers)
2) humidity (BLAH) except for this year!
3) horrible roads (due to snow and road salt)
4) Rude and miserable people in the winter & spring
5) High taxes resulting in high prices overall
6)because of the high taxes, businesses are leaving and cultural opportunities are not diverse or plentiful.

Okay.... PROS:
1) Autumn is spectacular!
2) Housing is reasonable.... low cost to build.
3) Summers are usually mild
4) Salt Potatoes ... our specialty (love those summer babies!) Produce is cheap and yummy in the summer
5) NO hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, forest fires, monsoons, sand storms, or tsunami es Just ALOT of snow... snow melts... Oh yeah... no scorpions, tarantulas or other weird deadly bugs.. that I know of. Just a lot of mosquitoes and flies... nothing major.
6) What doesn't kill us makes us stronger (because we are used to the terrible weather, we don't shut down with an inch of snow! Life goes on!)
7) Wineries and fine dining abound! We have it all!

Okay, so there are probably more Pros or Cons, but those are the ones I can think of. It's definitely not too bad, but I still hate CNY winters!!!! So, I'm getting my coats dry cleaned and my boots waterproofed and preparing for the worst... We'll see...

Here's some beautiful CNY pics to share:


Heidi Anne said...

i love your pro NY list! i agree with all of them. your shot of the changing colors is gorgeous. im trying to figure out where all those shots are taken! :)

Gina said...

Beautiful pictures Jen! I'm one of those crazies who feels that the pros of CNY far outweigh the cons! (#1, 5 & 7 on your list are the biggest pros for me, personally.) Just think, if it weren't for the weather in CNY, we'd have nothing to complain about!! lol

Melonie said...

Love your pros and cons. Every winter I go "why are we still here" and every spring,summer, and fall I am reminded why and it usually carries me through. Usually. Do you think there is still time to pack up the house and move before winter hits? Hmmmm.

Lee said...

Hi Jen,thought I'd pop bye and say hello.Its a bit to hot here in Brisbane, I have always dreamt about living in a snowy region, but it would be a shock for sure!
Liked the pros and cons,I read somewhere that weather can affect your moods etc, thats probably why you notice peoples changed moods in the winter time.

Unknown said...

Well, so far, I really like CNY. I'll probably tell ya much differently after snow comes. LOL

On a different note, I read through some of your old blogs, and then went to that kit site, and saw that you made DT there! WTG!!! Looks like an awesome team/blog/kit place to be a part of. :)

Anonymous said...

OH just wait till you've lived here 58 years! UGH I hate winter and tried to love it...took up downhill skiiing, went to SU Basket ball games in the freezing cold Now I just want to huddle up in front of a fireplace and forget the snow and ice. But you are so right about the pros....and sometimes the winters give us a wonderland that is gorgeous. Just wish it were for only TWO months!