Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cha Cha Chipboard

This post is full of my projects in which I have used chipboard.  There is a certain company that I'd love to see what I can do with their chipboard...  hint, hint...

I was on the Basically Bare DT and used the chipboard banner pieces to make a balloon basket.  I love finding unusual ways to incorporate it into altered projects!

Love those gears and dressforms... Steampunk has a place in my heart!

This Nicho is completely made of chipboard and paper!  Chipboard frame, chipboard accents, and chipboard backing. The tiles are chipboard waste covered with embossing powder!

Shaped chipboard is a favorite as a design element or with themes!

Stamping on bare chipboard looks fabulous in my opinion!
Chipboard waste is never wasted with me!  I love the negative space as well as the positive space.

Little chipboard elements like the birdy and tree branch are worked into a cardboard backing piece.
A chipboard frame covered with WOW embossing powder and stamped into.

Another page with chipboard covered with embossing powder and stamped into the warm powders.

I hope that you enjoyed the different ways to use chipboard in your work... I also love using them as masks with sprays!  Thanks for checking my blog out!



Phyl said...

This stuff is seriously cool. Consider me ignorant, but can you tell me how you cut the chipboard? I'm sure you have some sort of fancy tool that I don't have.

And while I'm here - when am I going to see that TASK party video? (No pressure...)

Love the fun frames but especially the balloon basket.

Michelle said...

OMG....LOVE your work! I found your site via Prima. Glad I did. Your work is inspirational.

Christine said...

Wowzers Jen, just stunning!

Jean said...

Coming over from D's PAper Studio! What amazing projects! Love reading about your Christmas traditions!