Monday, November 12, 2007


Okay, this post is going to be full of TMI... I am having a Colonoscopy(sp?) this afternoon. I am one mean bi*ch today! I haven't eaten solid food in over 24 hours! I'm not a happy camper. Not to mention the constant potty time I've put in... I never thought I'd be having one of these at my age. I've been having some rectal bleeding ('s not pretty for me either) and was worried. So the doc thinks he should have a look. I'm not really scared, just a lot embarrassed. You'd think I'd be over it after having a child, but that is an area that I don't let anyone look at. I was more worried about excreting while giving birth than I was about the blood thing. It's a private matter. So why am I making it public? Well, it's not that bad. The worst is not being able to eat and the inconvienence of having to stop what I'm doing and go potty. I hate that! My FIL is a pro at this procedure.. he's had over 10 of them. SO, he assured me it was no biggie.. I was skeptical and still am a bit. I just have 4 hours left before the event. All I have to say is... they better knock me out! I don't want to know anything that happened until it's over. I'm not interested in seeing it. I just want to know that whatever's there is not a problem or that they took care of the problem. I can't wait to eat tonight! That's what I'm holding out for!!! So wish me luck and sorry if I grossed you out.


Shelley said...

oh you poor baby! i just came from the Gastro doc myself this morning. i get to have an endoscopy on new years eve! woo hoo! it's ok to make it public. here's ny theory - they should knock you out - you won't feel a thing... and you know - ALL women seem to have poop issues... it's just been the last few years - we've all started talkin about it! why do you think all the food companies are banking on it? becuaase we're all FULL of it! and now we talk about it.

you'll be fine girl... i hope everything turns out ok...and it's good you're puttin it out there... more women need to take these sorts of things more seriously.

hang in there!

AHadley said...

yikes Jen! Praying everything is ok, let us know!

Gina said...

Oh Jen, I hope everything is fine! I'm a pro at these too (I know, that's really something to be PROUD of, huh? LOL) They'll most likely put you out and you won't remember a thing. (except for maybe how embarrassing the recovery room can be!)

Anonymous said...

Bon bon says ...Oh Jen....I had to have one of these a few years back because my Mom had colon cancer. I was in a snit about the whole thing really whacked out...and it was nothing. i was even awake for most of it but didn't hurt or anything....I think God kept me awake so I would see it is no big deal.

Hope it went all right for you