Monday, March 9, 2009

Patience again...

Okay, remember that thing about patience a while back when I was say that it was my word of the year? Well, I'm not doing all that well with it yet. Between being patient with my very dramatic and sassy 4 year old and all my submissions of work to design teams and magazines, well, I'm having a bit of trouble finding things to keep my mind off of it all! My latest obsession?? Altering! I am finding a new way to create sculpture. Altering found objects and making them whimsical and fun! Here is one of my submissions to Graphic 45 DT call that is supposed to be revealed today! I am so nervous and starting to doubt myself as it's the middle of the day and nothing yet! ***Tapping screen... is anyone out there? Hello??? This was fun to make:

Fashion Plate (front view)
Back view

Inside view

I made it look like a wardrobe closet with a paper doll collection using papers from the Fashionista line.Here are the "outfits"
I used transparencies to allow the clothes to properly line up with the doll.

Okay, I need to go find something to do to distract myself! As if being a Mom is not enough to distract me. I need to go out shopping for something... LOL!


Jill said...

What is up with them not picking you girls? Maybe I am just biased.

Anonymous said...

This is just an awesome project! You are very creative with your paper crafting..your projects are so inspiring!