Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 Fave Friday

I have slacked off for this week... well, not really SLACKED off, just no free time. I have had something every night this week. Parties, workshops at school, grades due, and doctor appts. I am beat! I got together with my girls (Cari, Amy, Sherry, Bon Bon, Kathy, Marty, and Nicole) for a fun, holiday gift and cookie exchange. I had lots of snacks, sweets, laughter, and scrap goodness. I didn't get home until well after midnight! I'm dragging today. We have my work holiday party tonight and I need to go to the mall for some maternity stockings and a pedicure! I hope Matt doesn't give me a hard time about it. I need a little pampering! I'm feeling huge and not very pretty right now. It's only about 6 more weeks until my due date! The panic is setting in, not because I'm afraid of the impending birth, but because I have so much to do BEFORE he comes! I have to do so much at school to prepare for my leave and then at home to prepare for baby!

In between panic attacks, I am scrapping or HOPE to be. I just got my LAST Design Team kit for Crop Addict. It is truly fabulous! I will share sneeky peeks after Christmas! I think it's the best kit from Crop Addict YET!

On the Bed Girls front, I am Guest Designer this month and I shared sneek peeks last post and now here are the entire layouts!
Okay, now for my 5 favorites this week:
1. Sparkling Grape Juice that looks like Champagne from Wegman's. I LOVE this stuff. It's my holiday substitute for wine. I can't drink alcohol due to being pregnant so this is my stand in. While it's nothing like my Semi Chardonnay that I covet, it is a good festive substitute and I feel like I'm not being left out of the party. I have at least 2 bottles on hand all the time now. The White is fabulous too because it is so like Champagne (cheap champagne, but bubbly no less).

2. Heidi Swapp Mirror book... Ooooo I love this little beauty. I haven't gotten one yet, but I am dying to get my hands on one!

3. Handmade paper making: I taught a workshop as a result of a grant I received from my school district to allow me to take a summer workshop with Margie Hughto. I had 5 participants in the workshop and we made paper! It was fun, messy , and creative and not all of them were art teachers or artists. They were science teachers, special ed teachers, art teachers, and a student teacher. It was wonderful! I took pics but they are on my laptop, so I'll upload a few pics later.

4. Good FRIENDS... I love my girlfriends! They are the sweetest most generous girls. We had a cookie and gift exchange last night and I had a blast with them. We laugh our head's off and lose track of time. They are the best! They even volunteered to help with my shower alongside my mom... totally volunteered... I nearly cried! I can't ask for better buds! LOVE YOU BARBIE BITCHES!

5. Bath and Body Works Coconut Lime Verbana hand sanitizer... okay, so throughout this pregnancy I've been a bit obsessive about my handwashing. I am now using this little gem. It smells heavenly and is not drying my hands as badly as the school's soap!

So that's the scoop this week! Have a great weekend!

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