Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Elfie and Announcement

It's been a crazy ride this season!  I can't believe Christmas is only about a week away!  I am in such a panic right now!  We have had our little friend, Elfie back to visit.  Here is a little picture documentation of his antics!
 Elfie returns!!!

 Mark's birthday surprise... Elfie papered his door!
 Mark didn't want to break it so he did an army crawl out.

 A little gift from Elfie.
 Elfie and Santa doll... notice the rubber band bracelet?  Mark made it for Elfie!
 Happy Birthday Daddy...

 Elfie hanging out with my Nana's Elves...
 Uh oh... the kids were not good listeners. Warning #1
 Make your wish lists, kids!
 Lifting weights (marshmellow weight)
 Minecraft fun!  Elfie has a Creeper head on!

Elfie has a black belt!! 
 Uh oh... another warning!  The kids were not listening and were arguing with each other and with me! They are taking this very seriously right now.  Hope it lasts!
Elfie is looking very disapproving...

We are having such fun with these antics!  The kids are a bit wild and crazy this time of year.  

So, in the meantime  I have an exciting announcement!  
I am rejoining the Scrapbooking From the Inside Out DT starting in January!  I love their whole approach to documenting life and emotions plus they have gorgeous kits!
Here's the post: SFTIO announcement

Hope you are well (I'm recovering from ANOTHER sinus infection) and getting ready for the holidays!   Talk to you later!

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