Sunday, August 12, 2012


 Summer is in full swing and it's to the point where I am starting to plan for the new school year... YIKES!  We only have about 3 weeks left of summer!  Where did it go?  Well, it's fun to escape the normal everyday schedule and just chillax...
 On those warm evenings where all you have to do is sit and read or think of what needs to be done in the coming week, I like to enjoy an adult beverage.  These are the evenings when the sun stays out longer than the kid's energy lasts.  I put my kids to bed and go out in my back yard to my favorite adirondack chair and enjoy the quiet of the evening.  It's heaven!  My little backyard escape.
 When I taught high school art, the kids would tell me to "Chillax" when I'd get uptight about deadlines or their lack of effort... it would make me laugh to hear them say that!  I  thought it was appropriate to use this made up word when doing this month's layouts.  It was the first word I thought of when I heard we were focusing on "Escape". The pinks and soft colors in this kit make me calm and happy.  I used a piece of chipboard from one of the doors in the kit to act as a frame for my title. Add a bit of doodling and ink drips and it really gives the page my artsy feel. I love that!
 The little banner paper was perfect for this accent and I love the buttons and papers.  I wanted to create a sort of clothesline look here.  Backyard appeal even though I don't have an official clothesline back there, I remember my great grandmother's clothesline and it makes me think back to simpler times.
 My journaling was put on one of those polaroid-type paper pieces and the cloud vellum went behind the photo to give it a light airy feeling.  I can't seem to get away from the banner like edges.

 The words Chill and Relax are on the page to explain what "Chillax" is in reference to.  If I didn't have the kids to explain, I probably wouldn't know this!  LOL!

 Oh my word... those Hambly pieces are divine with the pink peeking through!  LOVE how the contrast each other! 
Even though I'd love to escape to a beach somewhere far away, my backyard is lovely on those quiet, calm summer evenings!  I'll have to look at this page in the dead of winter when I'm missing the warm nights!

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Mary Jo Rhoda said...

I use that expression with my kids all of the time :)

And I agree about summer! It has been so nice this year and I am not ready for the start of school!

This is such a fabulous layout. Love the horizontal layering across the page :)