Sunday, June 10, 2012


This month is all about TRUTH at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out kits... This kit is awesome!  I say that every month but this one is full of some of my favorite things... a template, hexagons, blues and greens, and the spark of truth... yep, it's one of my favs!  Here is one of the projects that I completed with this kit!
 Be True To You
I loved the chevron paper and cut out a few zig zags to use on the page.  I also loved the speech bubble journaling tags from Pink Paislee... so great for my journaling here:
Am I really a good artist? Do I have what it takes to make me happy? Those tiny lies in my head try to deter me from the truth. Often I find myself seeking inside myself for confirmation that I am indeed enough. There's a mean voice that yells over the gentle reminders. I've always sought to fit in, to be accepted and it's that part that cringes away from the different and strange. I know that I should embrace my unique thoughts but all those doubts hold me back... I am good enough!!! I have to stop over-thinking things. Let it flow... just be me. It's really control I crave. Someday I'll be comfortable in my own skin. I'll be happy to exist and be proud of all I've accomplished and learned. I will be content with being me...
 I wanted to tell of my doubts in my idea, my mean voice that tells me I'm not good enough... and how I am good enough. I'm good enough for me.  I love my work and I feel good every time I finish a page.  Do I love more pages than others, of course! But ultimately, they make me happy and I NEED to create them!  I love the products I use and if I love those and I have an idea that inspires me, then I have all I need! I am my own worst critic!!
 Some doodling on the page!  I did alot of doodling this month... I'll post a few others soon!
If you haven't subscribed to this kit, you should run right over to Scrapbooking From the Inside Out and get it! 


Mary Jo said...

I love this page, Jen! :)

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