Friday, August 7, 2009

5 Fave Friday

It's that time again... Friday! Where did this week go? Seriously... only 4 more weeks left until the kids head back to school and I start work again! I'm getting a bit panicked!!! OMG... I haven't even finish lesson plans, setting up my classroom, or school shopping! So, this post is dedicated to the 5 things I must have this year for school fashion for me! Teaching Elementary aged kids means more conservative necklines, no short skirts, etc... so here are the 5 things I'm on the look out for this year:
1. Navy Blue cardigan - a basic!

2. LOVE this top at Old Navy!

3. Well-made pants that fit like a dream... these are from LOFT.

4. Another funky fun basic tunic top... gorgeous embroidery! Old Navy BABY!!!

5. Adorable pants at Old Navy... I need some new kacki pants and these are too comfy looking!

I'm also needing some comfy but cute shoes... I'll be on the look out for those next!
Happy Friday!



dolls like us said...

I love the clothing and it actually fits I went shoping yesterday brought nothing . It was made in another country and nothing fir right blouse looked pretty on the rack tried it on and straps showed no good . Jacket looked good tried it on and was to short raised my arm and stomach showed .

Jen said...

I want that first top from Old Navy! So cute!

Kaytee said...

Love those clothes!!! Now I want to go shopping!

Mellisa said...

Ahhhh to be skinny. LOL okay, okay. I am way off but I am working on it. :)

I bought a great pair of ballet looking style shoes with a wedge heel from Fashion Bug in Massena. I think they were on clearance for about 12 bucks.