Friday, July 31, 2009

Fav Five Friday

It's been awhile since I did this! I always forget... so, here are my favs this week:

1. My baby's smile! He is so fun and always smiling or laughing at me unless the boy is hungry or tired, he is smiling! My little sunshine...
2. Puddling jumping... Mark has recently taking a fancy to jumping in puddles after our very wet weather. He will get soaked! So, being the smart mommy, I put him in his swimsuit and let him have at it! He had a blast!!!! Completely soaked and begging for more long after he depleted the puddles. We had to get the hose out to make more! LOL!
3. This madras cover up dress from Target... one day they were there.. the next GONE! So glad I bought one when I did. I'm wearing it tomorrow night for hubby's 20th HS reunion party. I wish I could get the arms and body to go with this dress from Target too... LOL!
4. Blueberry bagels- I have one EVERY morning lately. They are the only kind of bagel I like. Lightly toasted with Weight Watcher cream cheese! YUM!!!

5. Bad Girls Reveal night!!! Tonight at 9pm PST (that's late for us East Coasters!) but it's always a blast... fun girls, festive chatter, and this time... good eats. We are swapping recipes. See the post below for more details!
That's it for tonight! See you at the reveal!


Jill said...

Your babe is such a cutie!
I wish I could make the reveal tonight, but we're picking up my daughter from camp today. Maybe next time around.

(LOVE the Edie Brickell music, btw -- "Throwing Rubberbands at the Stars" is such an awesome album).

pink4u said...

Jen ...Great faves this week. Your boys are so cute!!!
See you tonight at the BG party!!
Thanks for the sweet comments on my Blog!! Keep up the amazing work you do!!
Joanie :)

Jen said...

Your boys are so cute!!!
Blueberry bagels? I've never seen blueberry bagels. Maybe once I move back to the city I'll be able to find them. I love blueberry anything!

dolls like us said...

Sounds delicious I love blue berrys and blue berry bagels would be wonderful.