Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Kits, Classes, and More!!

Club Bad Girls is back and totally revamped!!! The site has a new look, a new mission, and brand new limited edition kits!We have turned more towards the Art side of things in hopes that people will get more out of their kits than just layouts... they will want to try new techniques and materials. There are some new features too... Challenges, like the featured Elite Artist of the month's challenge and class that will teach you how to create with the kit or something in the kit. Speaking of Elite Artists... I am one! Wendy graciously invited me to stay on as a DT member for his exciting new venture! SO excited about this new approach. It's all about the art and that is so me!

Bad Girls Kits are also offering huge classes! These classes are full of fabulous projects, techniques, and skill developing to help you become a better artist or just allow you to learn something new that you can use to enhance your artwork. My class is being offered for 3 days... June 15-17th. It is only offered on Bad Girls and you can purchase and sign up for your exclusive password to join in on this class now at the new site... Click Here.

Alternative Photo Printing
Online Class taught by Jen Matott
June 15th -17th


Class Description:
Are you bored with regular photographs o
n photo paper? Do you long to add more texture and interest to your artwork and pages? This in depth class is for you! I will show you how to print photographs and images onto alternative surfaces. Basically, any surface that will fit through your printer is free game! I will walk you through from simple photo editing to getting the most effective image from your printer. Forget the traditional way of using photographs... this class will have you recycling materials, playing with digital techniques and using media in a whole NEW way!!! I will share my secrets to printing on ribbon, metal, transparencies, and even sandpaper! You will not find this class anywhere else except on Bad
Girls! Join me for a fun and addictive technique class!

Sound exciting???!!! I am so pleased to have this opportunity to do this! Sign up today!!! I have not posted a tutorial lately due to this new development so I'm going to see how this class goes and if it is a success then I will offer more and hold off on the tutorials for now. There will be more free tuts in the future but for now, I need to focus on the new classes.

On another note, I have to drag my Fr*#ing computer to the Apple store to have it fixed. The screen is getting these dead pixel lines and it's starting to really bug me! I'm afraid it will just die soon. They said it is the video card... hope they can fix it there and not have to order parts so that I have to go back to pick it up... I don't know how long I can leave that computer and not have access to it! YIKES!!! I guess I'm really addicted! So, if you don't hear from me soon, it's because I have no computer yet. Groan....

I'll leave you with a few shots from last weekend of my boys
Mark at Oswego... it was sooo cold there!! and his funny face! Why do little boys feel the need to make goofy faces for every picture? It's cute, but I have a million photos of him doing this when I could just settle for a smile!

Christopher after his cereal.. he took the spoon from me and is chomping on it happily. He is definately teething! How cute is he???!!!


Have a great day!



Deborah said...

The boys are just toooo adorable! Even with the predicted funny face. Nonna loves them!

dolls like us said...

Good family photos they stay little for such a short time enjoy it .