Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Tutorial and then some...

I am a BAD blogger... well, only in that I'm late in posting a winner for the "green" RAK... so sorry about that.. I just forgot to pick a winner... so, here is the winner of the recycled goodies:
Gina said... Love these effects..can't wait to have a play!! "D

Gina, email me! I'll get those right out to you!

Here's today's tutorial. Another photo transfer technique. It's using an inkjet printer image and some gel medium. I use the matte finish kind, but you can certainly use gloss medium. So gather your supplies and create a distressed image transfer on something!

I'm using a shipping tag for this demo, but you can use any flat surface that has been primed.
My image was created with an inkjet printer and is black and white. You can also use color images from an ink jet. I suggest something with strong outlines and high contrast for the best results.
Step 1: brush a good coating of medium onto your surface with a foam brush. This will limit the brushstrokes shown, but if you like brushstrokes, use a bristle brush. BOth looks are different and distressed. Don't let this dry!
Step 2: place image face down onto medium and burnish with tool or spoon. Lift corner to see if the image is transfering but don't take too long for this step... it will dry and with it, the paper will stick together. This takes a bit of timing and practice to get it right but I like the "mistakes" too of areas untransfered or distressed look that could create a very moody piece!

Step 3: Carefull peel away the image.. I suggest pulling so that the paper is flat against itself thereby revealing your image!

Viola! It's a very cool technique and one that I love to use on wood, ceramics, papers, cardboard and other surfaces. Here are a couple pages that I used this technique on:

"Nesting" and "Detail of Nest on tag"

I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and another way to add images to your artwork! If so, add a comment and you will be included in a chance to win a RAK of goodies... including: tags, a small bottle of medium, and some a pack of chipboard shapes. I'll get a photo up soon of it!

Here's the winner from last week's comments:
Haberdawoman said...

Cool demo, are you sure you are not Spanish? LOL We talk a lot with our hands :) Just wanted to stop by and say thank you for your sweet comment on my layout. Have a wonderful week.

Nope, not Spanish, but I do like to talk with my hands alot! I will get your RAK out as soon as you email me your addy! Thanks!!!

I am going to try the video thing again next week... hopefully, I won't hate how I look on there and you can see my face. LOL! Next week is a demo using the Cuttlebug and a cool printing technique.

See you next week!




Peggy said...

Thank you so much for this tutorial, I love the effect and have never tried this before, so it will be fun to learn. I do need that RAK though, since I don't have any medium yet LOL.
xxx Peggy

Pamela said...

Very cool! Will have to try that sometime!

Kaytee said...

Wow Jen!!! That is amazing!! I had no idea you could do that from ink jet prints! So cool! Thanks for sharing!

Lal said...

I just LOVE this technique! Never seen anything like it before! How very creative! I'll have to try it soon! Thanks for the tutorial! :)

Michelle McGee said...

Cool technique... thanks!