Sunday, February 22, 2009


I want to apologize first for this rambling blog post. I haven't posted in awhile. It's been a crazy couple of days in the Matott household. I'm starting to go stir crazy from being inside due to snow! I hate getting out in the snow. If it wasn't for the need to go to the pediatrician, I wouldn't leave at all, but we've been there twice in one week. Christopher has developed reflux or GER. He was spitting up ALOT of formula after eating. I was getting very freaked out. I acted like a hormonal new mama bear... I screamed and cried at the nurse on the phone when she told me that the only appt. was at 6pm! She was going to have a doctor call me, but after 35 mins. of worrying and waiting, I was getting madder and madder. She called back when she saw that I had made the appt. (just in case) to ask if I still wanted to dr. to call... Ummm... YES! DUH! I'm a crazy, hormonal mother... of course I want to talk to a doctor prior to the appt because I don't know if I should continue to feed him formula if he's just going to throw it back up! Stupid woman! Well, finally after all my ranting and crying, she just told me to come in now. Hello! That was what I expected an hour ago.. why did I have to get so upset for that to happen??? Geesh... So off we went... it's literally 2 seconds down the road. Out in the snow storm we go. I meet with my least favorite dr. there... she tells me it is either a stomach bug or some horrible sounding condition in which surgery is the only option! WTF??? I was like... okay, so what do we do? It's after 4pm now and we can't get an untrasound until tomorrow. So, she tells me to get pedilyte and feed him 1 oz. every hour... no formula tonight. OoooooKkkk.. he is NOT going to like that. So, I go off to Target and get the prescribed remedy. $68 later, I get home and we try to do what she tells us like good little parents. Well, about midnight we have one SCREAMING child on our hands. He is NOT happy! So Matt caves and gives him formula... a little at a time. He spits up, but keeps most of it down... he's a happy little man after that. Fast forward to 8am... back to the dr. to see my FAVORITE doctor! He looks Christopher over and declares "He's definately not sick!"... well DUH! I knew that. I'm glad he knows what he's talking about. He rules out the horrible surgery condition... Thank god! Then, I ask about reflux.. YEP, that's what he thinks it is. So, he gets me some sample cans of a new formula to try. BINGO!!! It's working. Life is good again. EXCEPT that the damn nipples are now too slow for him... he can't get anything out and it takes FOREVER to feed him. SO, I'm off to Target AGAIN to pick up new FAST nipples... well that sounds kinky, but it's really just a bigger opening in the bottle nipple to allow for the thicker formula. I'm sure I'll spend more than $50 again there and Matt will grip about how much I spend. LOL! Well, I hope it's less eventful this week and I can get out this week for more outtings. On top of all that, I think I'm getting a sinus infection... not sure yet, but my head hurts like a son of a... beep.. I think I better pick up some over the counter meds too. Okay, enough family drama for now..
I just got my new March Bad Girls kit in the mail yesterday and I must say... IT IS FABULOUS! Such yummy colors and embellishments!!! I may have to roll around on them naked first .. JUST KIDDING! No one want's to invision that right now. SOrry... I warned you that I might ramble didn't I? I will have sneak peeks up of my fabulous projects in a few days. I seriously don't know what I will do for the altered item, but it will be delish!

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